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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  August 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is 9news now. tonight, more questions than answers after an apparent abduction is caught on tape as police investigate one of their own is now accused of not doing more to help. only on 9, brittany morehouse has eyewitness accounts of the crime. >> i said leave me alone. get away from me. >> reporter: take a good look at this footage, because police need to know who the woman is here and who is the man fighting her. this man owns the shell gas station at the coroner of corner of pennsylvania avenue. >> i said i was woken up from my sleep and i have to attend to the problem. >> reporter: the surveillance video camera was just a few feet above my camera there. the video was taken at 11:00 p.m. when the gas station was closed and these doors were locked. while the 24-hour overnight
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window was opened, cashiers manning it said they didn't see anything but a man nearby did where calling 911. >> and he ran into the chinese store and he told the owner to call the police. and it was one of those things that you don't know what to do. it all happened so quickly. >> reporter: so quickly that a second witness says she couldn't even make out the type of vehicle. a dodge charger. >> she just kept screaming. please call the police. she was hollering. she says please call the police. >> reporter: but the witness who wishes to remain anonymous, says what happened next disturbed her even more. >> there was a police car that came into the parking lot maybe a few minutes later. the guy who called the police, he walked over to her car because he thought that that was the squad car that was coming. and she told him that a car would be there soon and she went in the chinese restaurant and got her chinese food and left. yes, she did. i was very upset about that. >> reporter: i talked to the chinese restaurant owner who did
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say that after a man asked him to call 911 a police officer came in to get food and left. we called dc police and said an e-mail request. we wanted to know standard protocol and police have not gotten back to us. we're following a developing story at this hour. the search for a serial killer who police believe attacked three people in leesburg, virginia last week. the same man is believed to be responsible for 17 other assaults, including five murders in flint, michigan and a stabbing in toledo, ohio. andrea mccarren has all of the details. >> reporter: lesli, tonight leesburg police e working undercover trying to follow new leads to the suspected serial killer. he appears to attack completely unprovoked but the attacks appear to be racially motivated. the suspect is white. most of his victims are black. he is unshaven, wears a ball cap
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and has a distinctive earring. and according to police, he is a serial killer. >> i would consider this man to be very desperate and very dangerous. >> reporter: leesburg police say he stabbed a 15-year-old boy behind this gas station tuesday night. the bleeding victim staggered to the front door, asked for help and collapsed. >> he fell. there was tape all around him. he went to another gas station and they said somebody got stabbed. >> reporter: fear has prompted them to travel only in groups now. >> some random guy is stabbing people. i'm kind of like watching my back. >> reporter: two days later, the suspect allegedly walked into this apartment complex and passed a 67-year-old man sitting on the front steps. he quickly came back out, violently stabbing the man in the back. >> it's very scary. unreal. hard to believe. especially in this area. >> reporter: the attacker who is at least six feet tall and 200 pounds has left a trail of victims and a wave of fear.
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on friday night, the suspect struck again assaulting a 19-year-old dark skinned latino man in the head with a hammer. the suspect had approached him to ask for help. >> he needs to be treated the way he treats other people. if they catch him, hit him in the head with a hammer. >> reporter: the suspect's car is a late model green and beige chevy s10 blazer with two large dents in the hood. so why did this alleged serial killer come to leesburg and where is he now? leesburg police, virginia state police and the fbi are all trying to figure that out. meantime both of the stabbing victims are still in the hospital of the man who endured the hammer attack received several stitches to his head but has been released. reporting live from leesburg, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> let's hope they catch him soon. more than 5,000 jobs are in jeopardy as the u.s. military
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plans to cut the budget. they announce plans to cut $100 billion out of it over the next five years. on his hit list sends $240 million a year. gates also wants the number of brass, civilian, military cut by 200. >> if you were to go back over 50 years, they would look like the ekg of a fibrillating heart. for some, it really does pay to work for the federal government. according to the bureau of economic analysis, the compensation gap between federal and private workers has doubled in the last decade. federal service workers made $123,000 in 2009. private workers made over just $61,000 in total compensation. the man and woman accused of killing two men and children are
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now being held without bond. sources tell 9news now the pair may have been a hit squad ordered to kill the victims by a houston drug killer. he shot and killed two lanham women, a 3-year-old girl and 2-year-old boy. they found the victim's body inside their garbage-strewn apartment last friday. also charge was tkeisha gilmer who kept them from escaping. >> they faced the death penalty in this case. certainly the number of people who were killed makes this a potentially qualifying case for the death penalty. >> sources also tell us that one of the killers took pictures of the murdered people as evidence that the hit was carried out. surprising developments today that started with allegations of workplace intimidation at the kip nil
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elementary school in silver springs. >> justice delayed. i just want to go on with my life. this is now the second time this hearing has been postponed. >> an unemployment appeals hearing was abruptly cancelled when our scott broom showed up to record it with a camera. the principal fired pika after accusing him of inappropriately touching the 4th grader. but they accused star coaching the child to get pica fired. the hearing examiner says there wasn't enough time for the hearing. pica is among ten teachers who have filed employment complaints alleging intimidation and sexual harassment by starnes. a family dog shot dead warranted or wrong? we're learning more about this case. they shot and killed cato, a 2-year-old rottweiler. it happened friday when they served an eviction notice. cato charged at the deputies and
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they had no choice but to shoot. they said deputies should have allowed animal control to handle the dog but for safety's sake deputies always go in first. >> you should have allowed animal control to come in and at least be right beside you. >> this is what is done on every eviction before we allow anyone interest for a resident we do a protective sweep. >> the sheriff has apologized to the owner but says the shooting was justified. the search is intensifying for an escaped prisoner and his girlfriend after two murders in new mexico. last month three convicted killers escaped. earlier today they arrested one of the he is kay peas escapees while he was walking through the park. >> he was relieved that the manhunt was over for him and the
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long process was finally over him. >> one of the escapees and his girlfriend are behind a man and woman in new mexico. they're trying to capture the pair before anyone else is killed. turning to the disaster in the gulf, top officials are telling bp to move quickly on paying state and local government claims. bp says it's received 145 claims so far and has paid out $324 million without denying a single claim. but there is still 39,000 claims in limbo. some have been partially paid while others are still fighting for money. they have been called tone deaf and accused of monkeying around. but today leaders of metro make another attempt to turn things around. we'll explain after the break. i got glass in my back but i have to check on these people. >> caught on tape, a tornado
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rips a farmhouse apart sending debris everywhere. amazingly, everyone is okay. that is incredible. right now temperatures are in the low to mid 80s. we'll take you out with your wakeup weather. sunshine. 8:00 in the morning. temperatures 75-80. winds out of the southwest at ten. we'll come back and talk about the potential for record highs tomorrow and also the potential for tropical storms to develop in the gulf of mexico. stay tuned.
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metro's board members today promised to implement every safety recommendation from the national transportation safety board. at the heart of this is a challenge a lot of us probably have in our workplaces. how do you make safety an organization's top value? bruce leshan was at today's showdown with the answer. >> reporter: the deadly 2009 crash was a shock but the ntsb says the alarm bells had been sounding for years. thousands of alarms every week of trains appearing and disappearing on the electronic detection system. so many that workers at metro's control center had taken to ignoring them. >> the operators really were not responsive to the recommendation or to the alarm and those alarms actually became self cancelling. >> reporter: four years before the crash, they came up with a
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test. but the maintenance department failed to use the test. >> safety is the top priority. >> reporter: metro's board which once brag ged about its safety record was left to all but gravel before the ntsb in the unprecedented meeting. >> this board attends to ensure that to the best of our ability each and every ntsb recommendation associated with your review of the june 22nd, 2009, accident is implemented. >> reporter: the board says it is already moving forward with many of the recommendations from buying new more crash rail cars to protecting whistle blowers and putting safety for the first time into its mission statement. many of the board members felt they should have done more before the crash, but not all of them. >> jim, what could you have done? and i've asked myself that question many times on a very
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personal level. and i conclude that i don't know what i could have done. >> reporter: one thing everyone agreed on , it is time to look forward. >> we will not let it happen again. >> reporter: at metro headquarters, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> the metro board is pleaing to set up standards but it's at this point as stalled as a bus in gridlock. police are looking for three suspects for shooting a clerk and running away. the trio came into the seven 11 in the 7700-block of baltimore annapolis boulevard. officers believe the 48-year-old clerk there was trying to get away when one of the crooks shot him to death. >> it's kind of shocking. all they needed was the money. they didn't need to kill anybody. >> life is much worth. it's not like losing your life for 20 or 30 bucks.
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>> police believe the crooks only got away with $35. no arrests have been made. the victim leaves behind a wife and two children. well, it could have been worse. that's what people are saying after a car slammed into a maryland church today. the woman was heading it a doctor's office in beltsville this morning and somehow she lost control of her mercedes benz and ran straight through the brick wall of the life application apostolic church next door. the church says it's good it happened today and not sunday because her car landed in the same spot where parishioners sit. >> we thank the lord there was no injuries or anything. it's just property, okay. it can be replaced. >> it appears the driver stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. the driver and her passenger suffered some minor injuries. the driver will not face any criminal charges. just some citations. let's take a quick look at news from across the nation. in chicago, a firefighter is dead tonight after falling at
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least three stories. the 31 -year-old was wearing up to 75 pounds of equipment trying to put out a restaurant fire when he fell from the ladder. witnesses say it looked like he slipped. he is survived by his parents, a sister and a fiancee. and a freak accident has landed a motorcyclist in the hospital with critical injuries. this happened in south dakota last sunday. a canoe came off a pickup and struck the cyclist in the head. police later cited the truckdriver with driving under the influence. and in maine, two people were able to walk away from this plane crash on a lake. the plane went down in naples over the weekend. police say the plane flipped over as it tried to land. the two people on board suffered just minor injuries. okay. here is a question. how do you make a pig squeal? you simply say next contestant,
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please. well, he's no porky pig but he was a top contender in this year's big squealing contest in southern france. people from all over europe gathered to watch the hogs ham it up. the winner took home quite a bit of bacon. about $500. a giant twister spun across minnesota and it was all caught on tape. >> it hit that. oh, no oh, no, no, no, no, no. >> topper, this is the kind of video that really capital vats you. it's dramatic. >> unbelievable. >> this is from western minnesota saturday night. you see this tornado just rip apart the farmhouse. police say no one was inside. no injuries have been reported. the tornado did touchdown near the north dakota border. a lot of people were asking here whether there was a tornado that touched down in arlington. >> i called the weather service. they both say no. but you can have widespread damage with 85-mile per hour winds, which is over hurricane
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force. >> right. so the damage can emulate what it would look like? >> if you have a weak tornado. now, that was a strong tornado. >> oh, yes. >> but you had hurricane force over a wide area and we're in trouble. now, we're in trouble for heat. we were 93 today. we're going to get even hotter tomorrow. here is the forecast first. the next three days, record highs possible tomorrow. i'll get back to that in a minute. 98. a slight chance of a thunderstorm. 96 on wednesday. a little better chance of some storms. and then thursday probably the best chance. at least over the next three days. and temperatures are going to go back into the low 90s. now, let's break down tomorrow. 75 in the morning. partly cloudy. 90 by lunch time. so when you head off to lunch, it's going to be hot already. and then 98 by evening and just a slight chance, a slight chance, of an isolated storm. overnight partly cloudy and muggy. lows in the 70s. winds out of the southwest at about ten. now, tomorrow morning mostly sunny. hot by lunch time. temperatures 75-90. winds out of the southwest at
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ten. air quality code orange. that's unhealthy. what does that mean? it's unhealthy for kids, older adults and those with respiratory problems. if you fall into one of those groups, you should limit your time outdoors. in other words, stay indoors. the rest of us can refuel after dusk. by afternoon, partly cloudy. record heat possible. just an isolated thunderstorm. that's it. high temperatures 95-100 and winds will turn a little bit northwesterly at ten. keeping the humidity somewhat in check. still no bargain, though. record highs national 98 set back in 1943. and dulles 97 set just last year in 2009. kind of interesting to just set the record again one year later exactly. the other outside story our 90 degrees days and we've been talking about this really all summer. june 1st through august we average 31 days. we've already had 43 days. the record is 55. we have plenty of august left to
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threaten that record. the record for the year is 67. so far we've had 48. that appears to be a little bit more safe. but that still could be threatened because it can get hot in september. even october we can hit 90. look at the highs tomorrow. 100 in arlington. 98 downtown. 97 in bowie. 97 in brandywine. even out to the west and north, 97 in manassas. satellite picture, radar combined, this is a tropical low that is going to push northwestward, head towards -- head into the gulf of mexico towards the mississippi river valley. and we could see this form into a tropical storm over the next two days. we'll keep you posted. not a great chance but about a 50/50 chance. meanwhile all of the storms are close to us tonight. closer tomorrow and closer as we get into wednesday. next seven days, 98 tomorrow. maybe a record high. 96 on wednesday. better chance of storms on wednesday. thursday a better chance. friday we're around 90.
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saturday we're going to keep dry, but i think we're still going to hit 90 degrees. and then the front goes back to the north of us. we go back in the hot sector and we're in the mid 90s on sunday and monday next week. >> not much changed since you left, my friend. >> not a lot. >> we still have 90s. that's for sure. greg is in for brett tonight. coach shanahan is breaking things up? >> he sure is. he's always sending a message and the players better listen. mike shanahan is playing up the depth charge. plus albert haynesworth practices the first time, and you might be surprised how well he did. we'll tell you when 9 sports now returns. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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and now 9 sports, the best sports in town. >> the one thing we've learned about mike shanahan is he doesn't care about a player's resume. instead it's all about what you do on the prak tis field. the latest example is the running back where willie parker
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is no longer listed at third string. according to the new depth chart on the redskins website, parker has dropped to fourth string besides the fact he's a two time pro bowler. moving past parker was brian terrain. he was signed by the skins as a free agent in the off season. here is the way the running back battle is playing off. clinton portis is still the starter. larry johnson listed as the backup followed by terrain and then parker as fourth string. here is shanahan on the competition and the backfield. >> i've said it since day one that i've got five running backs and i believe they can help us win an actual football league. we're going to take all of the training camp and the pre-season games and evaluate the players and see how they play and how they practice. >> here is the new depth chart for the wide receiver position. joey gallon way is on the third string.
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devon thomas and malcom kelly. devon still not expected to play in friday's pre-season game. it's nearly impossible to go through a sports cast and not mention the name albert haynesworth. today was no different. albert went through his first full practice of training camp. he worked in the tackle with the second team. shanahan said haynesworth is looking pretty good but isn't sure if he will play friday. the teammates are glad he's back. >> he's a great player. that's what he finally realizes. it don't really matter. he can make plays. nobody told him to stop tackling. >> donovan mcnabb looked really good today. it was donovan's best day of practice. also starting tackle jamal brown didn't practice today. a lot of baseball tonight. white sox and orioles.
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thrilling finish to this one. bottom of the 10th, ryan roberts jacking his first homer of the season. what timing. the orioles win it 3-2. they're now 6 and 1. the high school football season is right around the corner and 9news now has a great program. they are teaming up to bring the dc metro area the best coverage of high school football and we're looking for students who want to be part of our team by becoming campus correspondence for your school. if you're selected for the program, we will give you a free flip cam from highlights to pep rallies, cheerleaders, teams coaches, we'll be covering games. you can get more applications and fill out an application by going to just click on sports. great program. hopefully everyone will get involved. >> we'll be right back.
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hot, hot hot. >> here we go. here is the seven day. 98. that will be a record. isolated storm. better chance for storm on wednesday and thursday out of the football helmet. because the skins game is on friday. only 90 or 91 on friday. >> all right. >> good news. >> that's 9news for tonight. letterman is next. have a great night. thanks for watching.
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